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I LOVE my hipstamatic app on my phone. Really need to get out more and experiment with the different 'lenses', 'flashes' and 'films'. Right now I am only taking pics of Lola (cute, but kinda boring) and my house (also boring, not even cute).
But yesterday I decided to change my livingroom. I used to have a couch and a chair in the livingroom, and a table with chairs in the 'dining/closets/thingsIdontknowwheretoputsoIjustchucktheminacornerwhereyoucantseethemroom'. But that meant I had to walk to another room (and carry all my stuff there too) whenever I wanted to sit at my table. Which of course, rarely happened.
With all my penpalling, postcardwriting and studying a table seemed more pratical so I moved my chair to the 'usedtobedining'room:

And moved my table to the livingroom, making it look like this:

Of course I didn't take before pics so you wouldn't have a clue what changed but there is so much more light in the room, there is more space and I am very happy with it. Tomorrow my brother will come round to hang my curtains (finally) so it feels more cosy. Will post pics later :)

Don't you just love the look of these photos. I think this is my favorite setting so far :)

10 things I hate about you

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you talk to me,
And the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
It even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you're always right,
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
Even worse when you make me cry
I hate it when you're not around,
And the fact that you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you,
Not even close…
Not even a little bit…
Not even at all.
I forgot how fun this movie was. Also, I forgot that the poem always makes me cry. Even when I am writing postcards and not actutally watching the movie.

Another thing that (almost) made me cry today. Finding a postcard from exboyfriend in my mailbox today. Sent from London the day before my birthday, it took almost 2 weeks to get here (also it was al damaged...) Ex and I split up over a year ago and it was a nasty breakup. Just after my birthday last year (about 3 months after we broke up) we started talking again. You see, my dad passed away 2 years ago on my birthday (while I was with ex) so it's a difficult day for me. But to stick with the story, we started talking, he even came to my birthdayparty so I figured we could at least be civel to eachother. But soon afterwards we lost touch and haven't spoken since (except for the occasional facebookmessage). I texted him 3 times but he never replied and since he was the one who had the most difficulties with our ending I didn't want to push him (also, I didn't really miss him nor do I think we will ever be able to be friends again). But.... I kinda expected to hear something from him on my brithday. First of all because of my dad, but also because he always sends cards or messages to people on their birthday, even if he hardly knows/likes them. So now I found out that he did think about me which makes me happy but also sad. He didn't write anything on the card besides love, his name and the date, so that kind of feels like he is still not over the hurt I caused him.
I sent him an email to thank him, but don't expect an answer. Not sure if I would like one either, but am checking my messages an awful lot today. Relationships... even when you don't have them they can influence your mood. Weird.

Well, that's all for now. Better go to bed since I'll have to get up at 7 tomorrow for a training. After that: weekend (yeah, already!) 
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I wanted to write a lot today. And I guess I did. Write a lot. Just not here :)

I wrote 3 letters, one of them to a new penpal. After finishing
my first 2 letters I replied to all penpals. But since I was still in the mood to write I decided to post a penpalad on the postcrossing forum. This lovely girl from France (well, she seemed really nice) replied within a few minutes and I ended up writing almost 6 pages to her tonight.

I have 3 more people who have replied (they seem okay but I didn't have the same 'wow, you seem really cool' feeling with them).

At this moment I have 4 or 5 penpals (one I met in the penpal RR and I am not sure yet if she want to continue), 2 of them feel like steady penpals and the others are still in a very early stage and I am not sure how things will develop.

I don't want to be really picky and decline offers before I have given people a fair chance, but I also don't want to start with too many people. I mean, I do have to be able to write all of them and still go to work and see my friends once in a while ;) So what do you think is a good amount of pals? Enough to keep busy but not so much that it becomes too much effort and you feel like it's an obligation to write instead of something fun? If you have any thought on that, please share! :)


First attempt of adding pics. Went to H&M yesterday and decided to buy this pair of "OMG they're so ugly I think they're great" harempants. Not sure if I will have enough courage to wear them in public (maybe it's better if I don't) but they were only €9.95 and I like them!

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I strained a muscle in my bum this morning while changing my sheets. So not only are sports bad, housework is too! (well, I kinda knew that already as well LOL)
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I am sure it is written somewhere, but I think LJ is very, very complicated and I am too impatient to search for it myself. So, can I, as a non paying member, post pictures in my blogs? And why does everyone has so many things around their page and can I do that too? Please tell me how I can pimp my page! Thank you ;)

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Seriously? This is my SECOND day with NO mail at all. Not even a leaflet.
I really need to join more RR again. True, cutting down on them saves time and money, but I really don't like those empty mailboxes!


I kinda like this blogging thingie. It gives me a little place to whine. Did I mention I love to whine and complain? ;)

I used to work 5 days a week. Not full days, just tha afternoons because I work in an afterschoolcare. Since I switched centres (last March) I only work 4 days which means I have had the Friday off for the past couple of weeks and well, call me lazy (which I am) but I am really appreciating my 3 day weekend. But today I have to go to work for a meeting. From 12-15 so right in the middle of the day. And I really don't feel like it!

Also, I have planned  to do another groupinterview for my final paper (school) during the meeting, so I need to be enthousiastic and act intelligent and clever. But what I really want to do is stay at home, write postcards, watch last week's Doctor Who (which I still haven't seen), read my book and tidy the house. Yes, I even prefer tidying and cleaning to work today.  

It's gonna be worse from the first of July because I am back to 5 days then and also the summerholidays will start which means I'll be working five 8.5 hours days a week instead of four 4.5 days... Prepare for lots of whining then ;) That is of course if I have enough energy to keep posting blogs!

Well, better brush my teeth and make myself presentable now....

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I love it when Lola chases her own tail for about 15 minutes while falling from the couch several times in the process and ends up falling asleep completely exhausted. I know, I should get out more, but it's just so damn cute! And funny.

And now it's time for me to fall asleep. Goodnight!
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