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I kinda like this blogging thingie. It gives me a little place to whine. Did I mention I love to whine and complain? ;)

I used to work 5 days a week. Not full days, just tha afternoons because I work in an afterschoolcare. Since I switched centres (last March) I only work 4 days which means I have had the Friday off for the past couple of weeks and well, call me lazy (which I am) but I am really appreciating my 3 day weekend. But today I have to go to work for a meeting. From 12-15 so right in the middle of the day. And I really don't feel like it!

Also, I have planned  to do another groupinterview for my final paper (school) during the meeting, so I need to be enthousiastic and act intelligent and clever. But what I really want to do is stay at home, write postcards, watch last week's Doctor Who (which I still haven't seen), read my book and tidy the house. Yes, I even prefer tidying and cleaning to work today.  

It's gonna be worse from the first of July because I am back to 5 days then and also the summerholidays will start which means I'll be working five 8.5 hours days a week instead of four 4.5 days... Prepare for lots of whining then ;) That is of course if I have enough energy to keep posting blogs!

Well, better brush my teeth and make myself presentable now....

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