May 26th, 2011

Sports are bad

I have known it for a long time, but today I was reminded again: I am not made to play sports. Any sports. I was playing hockey with some kids from work (funny, they call it icehockey without ice... not hockey) and somehow I got hit by one of the kids' hockeysticks. Hard. It hurt and when I looked down blood was dripping from under my nail. As you might, or might not know: I am not good with blood...

So hurried inside, catching the blood with my other hand while calling my collegue to join me because, well, it's better when someone is around when you faint. Luckily I didn't faint, or vomit for that matter, but it did hurt. One kid brought me some apple juice while another one read me a story (how sweet!). My collegue put a bandage on and right now it's not really painful, just slightly uncomfortable. Didn't write the letter to my penpal though, as I had planned. Applying pressure (when holding a pen) wasn't really nice. So instead I decided to post another entry. I can be such a man when I'm sick or injured... I like to feel sorry for myself and whine about it.

Now it's just after midnight and time to move to bed. Started my new (higher doses) of meds yesterday. Not sure if there is much difference, besides the fact that I don't get sleepy, Will give it another couple of weeks.

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