June 18th, 2011

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I LOVE my hipstamatic app on my phone. Really need to get out more and experiment with the different 'lenses', 'flashes' and 'films'. Right now I am only taking pics of Lola (cute, but kinda boring) and my house (also boring, not even cute).
But yesterday I decided to change my livingroom. I used to have a couch and a chair in the livingroom, and a table with chairs in the 'dining/closets/thingsIdontknowwheretoputsoIjustchucktheminacornerwhereyoucantseethemroom'. But that meant I had to walk to another room (and carry all my stuff there too) whenever I wanted to sit at my table. Which of course, rarely happened.
With all my penpalling, postcardwriting and studying a table seemed more pratical so I moved my chair to the 'usedtobedining'room:

And moved my table to the livingroom, making it look like this:

Of course I didn't take before pics so you wouldn't have a clue what changed but there is so much more light in the room, there is more space and I am very happy with it. Tomorrow my brother will come round to hang my curtains (finally) so it feels more cosy. Will post pics later :)

Don't you just love the look of these photos. I think this is my favorite setting so far :)