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I wanted to write a lot today. And I guess I did. Write a lot. Just not here :)

I wrote 3 letters, one of them to a new penpal. After finishing
my first 2 letters I replied to all penpals. But since I was still in the mood to write I decided to post a penpalad on the postcrossing forum. This lovely girl from France (well, she seemed really nice) replied within a few minutes and I ended up writing almost 6 pages to her tonight.

I have 3 more people who have replied (they seem okay but I didn't have the same 'wow, you seem really cool' feeling with them).

At this moment I have 4 or 5 penpals (one I met in the penpal RR and I am not sure yet if she want to continue), 2 of them feel like steady penpals and the others are still in a very early stage and I am not sure how things will develop.

I don't want to be really picky and decline offers before I have given people a fair chance, but I also don't want to start with too many people. I mean, I do have to be able to write all of them and still go to work and see my friends once in a while ;) So what do you think is a good amount of pals? Enough to keep busy but not so much that it becomes too much effort and you feel like it's an obligation to write instead of something fun? If you have any thought on that, please share! :)

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